Pedro Páramo

Pedro Páramo - Juan Rulfo, Margaret Sayers Peden, Susan Sontag I cannot express ow much I love this story. I read the original text in Spanish, and if you can manage it I have to recommend it in the original language. There's SO MUCH that really is impossible to translate appropriately- not just because of the specific vocab, but mostly with how he uses words, grammar, nuances of the language to manipulate all the possibilities of what you may think. Rulfo manipulates language as much as he manipulates time, perspective, and reality in this book. I gasped almost every other page and sometimes found myself suddenly standing and starting to pace as I read on. It does not follow the conventional route of a story, you simply get to know characters better, and maybe can even start guessing about their situation. Are they dead, spirits, stuck, alive, is this the past, present, future, where are they, all together, all separate, how do they relate to themselves, their space, their times, does anyone, anywhere, anytime really exist? That probably makes it seem like ones of those "wtf what's going on books"- let me be clear, it's not. You're given great stories and characters that develop, but here's always such a mystical kind of mystery to it all. I can't even describe what I mean! Just read it! It's so satisfying to try to figure it out as you go along, I've never had better aha! moments in any other book- even if most of my aha!s ended up contradicting the last one. So good. Just. So good.