Holes - Louis Sachar This is the only book whose movie I thought was far better. Ah! I never thought I'd say that! But it's true. And mostly, it's because the story is so wonderful, but the writing style brings the book down by a lot. It's possible that this book was intended for 8 year olds to be able to read, in which case, nevermind. But the short sentences and the overall voice made me feel like the author thought I was stupid, or he was. Which he clearly couldn't be- because this story is gold. He creates such vivid and real characters that go through a development as more of the intertwining history of this "camp" they're all at unravels. Definitely a story for the curious! But, in all honesty, you might as well just watch the movie- the author himself was worked with the director every step of the way, so the story really matches exactly (except for the main character's weight loss), he's actually even in it briefly!